World's No.1 Tai Tzu Ying’s Shoes of Choice The New Generation P9200II


Since the launch in 2016, P9200 has not only been the shoes of choice of the world's No.1 Tai Tzu Ying, but has also gained wide popularity among badminton enthusiasts. What makes P9200 stand out is its incredible shock-absorption and stability performance, which perfectly meets the needs of single players who make a lot of forward strides and frequently land on the outer side of the foot. Upgraded with six new features, the New Generation P9200II from the Stability series can enable swift movement and accurate attack, as well as providing comfort, stability, and protection when landing—a powerful enhancement to Tai's unpredictable and varied playing style.



Six Upgraded Features of P9200II


1.Optimized Shock Absorption: Designed with perfect thickness just as the previous models, the midsole of P9200II is further added with a 2mm whole-foot ENERGY MAX 3.0 under the insole for better wearing comfort and better shock-absorption performance.


2.Upgraded Kinetics: The heels are built with NEO DUPLEX, while the shock-absorbing cushion is upgraded with E-TPU. The exceptional rebound and pressure resistance of the materials help generate the kinetic energy of rebound by constantly absorbing shock and further enable swift movement.




3.Upgraded Outer Lateral Stability: The height of the lateral midsole is kept the same as before, and the lateral stability system is upgraded with large LS-S SHELL and has the supportive TPU integrated into the outer midsole layer to enhance stability when landing and provide elasticity and comfort.


4.Reinforced Protection: The shoe opening is narrowed to fit the ankle better and improve stability on ankle joints when landing.




5.Upgraded Inner Toe Durability: KPU is used on the parts that are most easily worn out according to the users. The size and thickness of KPU are also improved to make the shoes last longer.


6.Shoelace Storage: The design can prevent shoelaces from coming loose during movement or after longtime usage.



The New Generation P9200II comes in black, white / scuba blue, and neon red. No matter you're into low-key or eye-catching designs, there is always a perfect choice for you. Put on P9200II and get on the court with Tai Tzu Ying now!